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5th Annual Elements Gathering

  • Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest Springville, CA (map)

Pottery & Pit Firing Class

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Elements Gathering is a week-long primitive skills and tribal consciousness gathering held in the ancient Sequoia Forest of Southern California.

Mountain Home Demonstration State Forest
Springville, CA
July 13-19, 2017

At Elements, you are welcomed to embrace your instincts and follow your true nature as a cooperative member of a Village.  You will be asked to share with and be in service to your community, and your Elemental contributions will be a big part of that.  The Elements are a subset of the Village and typically follow a certain ideal characterized by an element: earth, wind, fire, water.  Every member of the camp (including mentors and work-trade) will be welcomed into an Element at the beginning of the week.  Each Element will participate in a variety of activities throughout the week including gathering and washing the dishes once or twice during the event.  This is your opportunity to be of service to your Village and it can be a lot of fun!  Put on a smile, lend your hands and feel the gratitude of your new friends! 
Together we will co-create a village experience filled with ancestral skills workshops, live music, performance, community meals, and so much more. Caitlin will be facilitating the Pottery and Pit Firing class for adults and Clay Bead and Figure making for the little ones.

Learn about what goes into the making of a finished ceramic piece from start to finish! We will be creating a sacred vessel using foraged California clay, mineral pigments, and pit-firing them in the earth. Children will be making small beads and other items that will also be pit-fired.

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