Goodbye Urthen & Hello Other Reincarnations

2019 + Onward

" A Ceramic artist is a person lost and found through the movement of earth ."

"A Ceramic artist is a person lost and found through the movement of earth."

At long last, I am welcoming the winds of change & allowing what is no longer serving me to fall away. It is with a bittersweet emotion, that I announce come Spring 2019 I will be taking an indefinite break from my pottery business, Urthen. This is a hard declaration to make, and one that has been brewing deep within for most of this summer. Every single cell in my body is calling out for a new home, new location (moving from Joshua Tree), new job, and new direction, thus I am needing as much room as possible to make these changes happen. This is a hard shift for me, as many of you know I have been identifying as artist for 20 years, making pottery for 10, and owning/operating Urthen for the last 4. My idea of success was always making art for my sole income, and while I fully support and encourage those who can make that lifestyle work, it is no longer working for me personally. Creating art and beauty is something I will continue to do for the rest of my life without a doubt, but I need the space to redefine what it is to me, outside of the container of a "business."

I would like to express my deepest thanks to everyone who has supported me on my journey with Urthen-my family, friends, desert family, store owners who have supported my work, artists who I have collaborated with, and every person who has sent kind words of encouragement over the years. It has been an up and down learning process running my own business, and one that I am very grateful for. It has been an honor to make the plates that you eat off of everyday, your morning coffee mug, your ceremonial cup, the planter for your favorite cactus, the striker that lights your altar, the jar for your loved one's ashes, and the vase that holds flowers from your beloved. Knowing that there are little clay pieces of my heart all over the world, joining you in your daily moments brings my heart so much joy and gratitude.

With all this being said, I am accepting final custom orders which will be made from now until March 2019. If you have ever been feeling the call for something special from me, a plate set, etc. now is the time. My online store here is still open with all items made to order. I am no longer accepting wholesale orders, and I am supplying only to local stores in the desert for the remaining next 5-6 months. Please email me if you would like to start a conversation about a custom order:

Know that this change is an answer to my heart's calling and a deeper listening to my life's work. I am looking to find a new reincarnation of my creativity that combines my love of art with teaching, organizing, service, natural building, community building, sustainability, permaculture, ancestral crafts, and wilderness skills. I dream of being able to work with others in a bigger way, fostering creativity and connection. Iโ€™m even considering going back to school to get my Masters in Art Therapy! The road ahead is filled with a lot of unknown, but I'm excited to see what this next chapter will bringโ€ฆ.

Below are some dates to keep in mind for my work schedule:

ONLINE STORE CLOSING FOR HOLIDAY BREAK: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2018 12AM PST *All items placed before then should preferably be holiday gifts and will be delivered in time for Christmas. Any items that are not pressing gifts can be purchased/ordered in 2019.

CUSTOM ORDER CUT-OFF: SATURDAY NOVEMBER 24, 2018 12AM PST. I will no longer be able to take custom orders after this point as they take typically 1-3 months to complete depending on size, etc.

ONLINE STORE REOPENS FOR TWO FINAL MONTHS: JANUARY 1-MARCH 1, 2019* All items will ship throughout February and March 2019.

Thank you!
Caitlin Deane