Spirit Weavers Gathering 2016

Primitive Pottery & Pit Firing

I am back in the Mojave after spending two beautiful weeks in the redwoods at the 4th Annual Spirit Weavers Gathering teaching Pottery and Pit Firing! During the Moon Session, I guided 22 womyn who opened their hearts and hands to learn the art of creating with the clay beneath our feet. We sculpted vessels out of Mendocino clay I processed prior to the gathering, painted them with mineral pigments, and pit fired them the final day of the gathering. Every year I leave inspired and ready to create more offerings like this, and I hope to do so in the near future. Thank you for allowing me to share one of my passions and the path I am on to reclaim reverence for the earth. If we look to nature, we truly have everything we need. Enjoy these series of photos that capture our journey with clay...

Sculpting & Painting our Vessels

Pit Firing: Photos by Hosanna White

Finished Pots and Scenes from Class: Photos by Myself, Eileen, and Leslie Satterfield